The Great Controversy
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The Great Controversy

The History of Freedom,

The End of Suffering.

Thanks for visiting The Great Controversy‘s page! Here you will find links (above) to the free audio book, study guides, and appendix to go along with the print edition of the book. If you don’t have the print edition, get your copy today in our shop!


About the Book

This best-seller traces the path of freedom from the dark ages, down to America’s role in current world events. You’ll read about men who stood up for freedom and died because of it. This book has helped thousands understand today’s headlines in light of Bible prophecies found in books like Daniel and Revelation.

``I am having so much fun being enlightened to the truth of history. The Lord knew I would be encouraged and spurred on to love and more fervent in my devotion to walk in His ways upon reading this wonderful book. This is a must for all, as we don’t get the truth in our history classes.``

- Susan